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The influence of fashion.





Do you know that by changing one's stance on a piece of clothing, you can influence the entire industry?






而根據 Greenpeace 綠色和平的研究顯示,從 1980 年起,時尚品牌及零售商便開始加快汰換潮流的速度,衣服從衣櫃到垃圾桶的生命周期愈來愈短。1992到2002年間,每件衣服的平均壽命縮短了 50% 。


In the fashion industry, fast fashion stimulates our senses with constantly evolving trend-driven clothing, while also changing our attitudes towards garments, making us perceive clothing as disposable items: there are new trends every season, and clothes from the previous season are destined to be discarded.

According to research by Greenpeace, since 1980, fashion brands and retailers have accelerated the pace of trend turnover, resulting in increasingly shorter lifecycles for clothing from the wardrobe to the trash can. Between 1992 and 2002, the average lifespan of each garment decreased by 50%.






It is time for people to realize that fast fashion should be terminated, and instead, seek out products that are truly durable and long-lasting.




Falcosia understands that these changes cannot happen overnight. Therefore, we are patiently communicating with the entire fashion industry and implementing our ideas, gradually moving towards the best balance between environmental sustainability and fashion.






We have designed more versatile clothing.



Falcosia 以自研品牌打造運動機能服飾,並融入時尚細節得以不拘於球場,降低新品的更迭週期,希望我們的服飾可以更耐久、更常態地出現在人們的生活中,發揮我們已經擁有的東西更完整的價值。


Falcosia creates sportswear with its own brand, integrating fashion details to make it suitable for more than just the sports field. By reducing the frequency of new releases, we aim to make our clothing more durable and commonplace in people's lives, maximizing the value of what we already have.



We have our own factories.



Falcosia 主要是成衣加工,對於衣物的供應鏈嚴格把關,對於上游挑選環境認證的布料、對於下游使用回收與再利用包裝。同時我們也可以減少生產所需的數量限制,避免大量進貨與低價競爭帶來的資源浪費。


Falcosia primarily focuses on garment processing, rigorously controlling the supply chain of clothing. We carefully select environmentally certified fabrics upstream and utilize recycled and reusable packaging downstream. Additionally, we can reduce the quantity limitations required for production, avoiding resource waste brought about by bulk purchasing and low-price competition.



We learn from the cycles of nature.



Falcosia 了解大自然以新陳代謝的方式不斷運行,因此在面對服裝產業的現況,我們將布料賦予更有效的流通方式,使布料進入新的產品生命週期而不會白白被閒置或損耗。


Falcosia understands that nature operates in a continuous cycle of renewal and metabolism. Therefore, in response to the current situation in the fashion industry, we give fabrics more efficient circulation methods, allowing them to enter new product life cycles without being left idle or wasted.







Falcosia 誠摯地邀請您成為改革家的一份子,




Falcosia sincerely invites you to become a partof the movement for change and join us in collectively influencing the entire fashion industry.