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Experienced in the nuances of Taiwan's climate.



Starting out as an OEM, Falcosia boasts extensive experience in clothing production technology. Compared to foreign brands, we have a deeper understanding of how Taiwan's climate affects garments. Taiwan is characterized by a tropical monsoon climate, surrounded by the sea and experiencing scorching sunshine. The hot and humid summers here are factors that European sports brands may not have considered.




嚴選淸爽涼感的布料 搭配修飾曲線的剪裁

We carefully select fabrics with a cool and refreshing feel, complemented by tailored cuts that accentuate curves.




Our carefully selected fabrics and cuts are tailored to suit Taiwan's local climate. This includes using hydrophobic polyester fibers for quick sweat evaporation and a refreshing effect, as well as nylon with excellent heat conduction for a silky and cool sensation on the fabric surface. Incorporating elastic fibers in our garments provides better stretchability and comfort. Additionally, our specially tailored dual-sided fabrics prevent clothes from sticking to the body and help accentuate body curves. With the right cuts and materials, you can confidently navigate through various occasions in comfort.



Breathing new life into surplus fabrics.




What sets us apart is our collaboration with suppliers in the fashion industry to incorporate surplus fabrics from major factories into our garment production process. These surplus fabrics, already perfected through manufacturing, are extracted from elements of nature. However, often these idle fabrics go to waste as they cannot be effectively utilized. Finding new life for these fabrics is our way of showing kindness to nature.



Unearthing the latent sustainable value within the industry.



我們最終的服飾成品將占有大廠 30% 的良好現存布,將產業中的布料使用率最大化;與大廠合作不僅確保了材料的安全性與健康性,更能重新挖掘出潛在的永續價值,讓成衣經濟與消耗有限資源脫鉤,滿足「從搖籃到搖籃」的循環經濟。


Our final apparel products will utilize 30% of the high-quality surplus fabric from major factories, maximizing the utilization of fabrics in the industry. Collaborating with these factories not only ensures the safety and healthiness of the materials but also allows us to unearth the potential sustainable value, decoupling the apparel economy from consuming finite resources and fulfilling the concept of a "cradle-to-cradle" circular economy.


選擇與 bluesign® 認證廠商合作

Choosing to collaborate with bluesign® certified suppliers.



同時,Falcosia 深知環境友善的重要性,致力關切符合水資源、環境保護等嚴謹條件。目前我們選用的布料是與具 bluesign® 認證的工廠合作,通過 bluesign® 的審核系統來最大限度地減少對人類和環境的負面影響,從而不斷改善我們紡織品供應鏈的環境績效。


At the same time, Falcosia recognizes the importance of environmental friendliness and is committed to adhering to rigorous criteria related to water resources, environmental protection, and more. Currently, we use fabrics sourced from factories certified by bluesign®. By partnering with bluesign® certified facilities and utilizing their audit system, we strive to minimize negative impacts on humans and the environment, continuously improving the environmental performance of our textile supply chain.




Falcosia 站在永續立場的最前線





Falcosia stands at the forefront of sustainability,

seamlessly integrating fashion, functionality,

and sustainability through our deep expertise in garment manufacturing.

We aim to provide consumers with the latest fashion trends while ensuring the use of high-quality performance fabrics sourced from leading apparel factories.