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逐年 15% 提升現存布採用

Yearly, we aim for a 15% increase in the adoption of existing fabrics.


傳統的服裝產業流程是以先設計再尋找材料的方法,也就是把完整的布料進行切除,因此在過程中勢必會產生許多浪費;而 Falcosia 因為使用了現存布,得以秉持著「先尋找現有布料,再進行設計」的方式。這樣的好處是有效地降低成衣過程中為了預設耗材而備用的多餘布料,並避免了過量製造對環境所造成的負擔。我們目前的產品原料中存儲布的材質已占全部的 30%。而我們也希望以逐年 15% 的幅度提升採用現存布的比例,成為對環境友善的新型態循環品牌。

The traditional process in the fashion industry typically involves designing first and then sourcing materials, leading to a significant amount of waste as complete fabrics are often cut into pieces. However, Falcosia adopts a "find existing fabrics first, then design" approach by utilizing existing fabrics. This approach effectively reduces the excess fabric typically reserved as spare material in garment production and mitigates the environmental burden associated with overproduction.

Currently, 30% of the materials used in our products are surplus fabrics. We aim to increase the adoption of existing fabrics by 15% annually, aspiring to become a new paradigm of environmentally friendly circular brand.


We look forward to collaborating with more partners who share similar values and principles.


Falcosia 嚴格挑選具第三方認證(如 :bluesign®)的現存布加入我們的製程,而這也使得前期與供應廠商溝通需要花費大量校對與溝通的成本。這是需要多方協作與創新的挑戰,但所幸已有合作廠商願意與我們共同努力。在將來,我們承諾會尋找更多廠商與我們合作,實現積極的變化。

同時, Falcosia 自家的工廠也將進行企業永續發展認證,以審視自己確實達到注重環境、社會、供應鏈、職場等更為全面的目標。在未來穩定成長後,我們期望能夠打造完全在地的本土自研設計品牌,創造屬於台灣的運動時尚品牌。


Falcosia rigorously selects surplus fabrics with third-party certifications (such as bluesign®) to integrate into our production process. This meticulous selection process requires significant time and effort for communication and coordination with suppliers. It presents challenges that demand collaboration and innovation, but we are fortunate to have suppliers willing to work with us. In the future, we pledge to seek more partnerships to bring about positive changes.

Additionally, Falcosia's in-house factories will undergo corporate sustainability certifications to ensure that we meet comprehensive goals focusing on environmental, social, supply chain, and workplace aspects. As we continue to grow steadily, we aim to establish a fully indigenous local brand, creating a sports fashion brand that truly belongs to Taiwan through original design.






但在我們這裡, 您可以選擇的是



You can still choose fashion,

but here with us,

what you choose is embracing the fashion of the future.