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FALCOSIA 意於「老鷹境域」由旅法設計團隊組成,而後有一群深耕成衣產業製造團隊促使了品牌的誕生。使用現存時裝機能布料(存儲布)製成產品,從而減少對於新布料的需求,同時每塊布料得到重生的機會。


Falcosia 前身是為優良代工美名的成衣工廠,曾外銷女鞋與成衣至歐美區域;然而在代工時期我們看見現有的服飾產業讓環境承受難以想像的侵害,因此我們也開始反思如何停止這種困境,真正的去理解永續的意義。



FALCOSIA, meaning ‘Eagle Nation,’ is composed of a design team with international experience, followed by a group of garment manufacturing experts who contributed to the brand’s inception. By using existing functional fabrics (upcycled textiles), FALCOSIA creates products that reduce the demand for new materials while giving each fabric a chance at rebirth.
Guided by the philosophy of ‘Fashion Forward, Sustainability at Heart,’ FALCOSIA seeks a better balance between sustainability, functionality, and style. The brand aims to be a positive force in the environment by adopting a circular approach, and it also introduces fresh perspectives and aesthetics to golf apparel.
FALCOSIA’s origins trace back to a reputable garment factory known for its OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services. While exporting footwear and clothing to Europe and the Americas, we witnessed the environmental impact of the existing fashion industry. This led us to reflect on how to break free from this cycle and truly embrace the meaning of sustainability.



Golf Wear, Life Wear. 從球場到日常



我們利用深厚的代工技術創造優質舒適的剪裁和面料,以台灣本土品牌對於在地人文與氣候的研究,吸引使用者儘可能長時間、泛用性地使用我們的產品。Falcosia 的服飾跳脫傳統高爾夫球衣單純強調機能的限制,不僅注重下場打球時的排汗透氣,更會考量穿搭的時尚流行性:在球場內彰顯出與自然和諧的品味,在球場外享受與都市共存的機能,滿足使用者
「 Wear all day 」的效果。



FALCOSIA’s clothing transcends the traditional emphasis on functionality in golf apparel. It not only prioritizes moisture-wicking and breathability during play but also considers fashionable trends. Whether on the golf course or off, our designs harmonize with nature and urban functionality, achieving an ‘all-day wear’ effect for users.





Falcosia 中的 falco 代表著生物分類中隼科的意思。
我們以高爾夫球裡的術語 Eagle 為意象,

Falcosia 依然願意以高於標準的行動完成我們應該肩負的社會責任。


Falco in Falcosia represents the Falconidae family in biological classification. We take inspiration from the golf term 'Eagle,' symbolizing our acknowledgment that despite the inherent constraints in the fashion industry, sustainable efforts are indispensable.

While we may not always achieve a hole-in-one, Falcosia remains committed to going above and beyond to fulfill our social responsibilities. Every purchase you make contributes to shaping the future world we envision.





Falcosia 誠摯地邀請您


Falcosia sincerely invites you to become a part of the reform, to join us in collectively influencing the entire fashion industry.