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  • 宅配:新竹貨運、黑貓宅急便(僅限台灣本島)
  • 超商:7-11、全家(台灣本島、外島超商門市)



  • 宅配到府
  • 配送天數/ 2-4 天
  • 適用地區/台灣本島
  • 超商取貨
  • 配送天數/ 2-5 天
  • 適用地區/台灣本島



  1. 下單後(不含訂購當天),約 2-5 個工作天寄出,不含例假日
  2. 配送時間為週一至週五 10:00 - 17:00,假日及例假日無安排配送
  3. 若節慶假日遇訂單較多或不可抗力天災因素,則可能延遲出貨
  4. 如選 [宅配]:實際配送狀況將依照宅配司機安排之路線而定
  5. 如選 [超商]:請留意到貨簡訊並於到貨之後 7 天內取貨請勿無故未取;如造成運費損失將由顧客自行吸收


  1. 訂單滿$3,000元免運
  2. 訂單未滿$3,000元,須收$100元運費





Delivery Methods


In cooperation with logistics:

Home Delivery: Hsinchu Express, Black Cat Express (Taiwan Main Island only)

Convenience Stores: 7-11, FamilyMart (Convenience stores on Taiwan Main Island and outlying islands)



Delivery Days/Regions:

Home Delivery:
Delivery Days: 2-4 days
Applicable Regions: Taiwan Main Island


Convenience Store Pickup:
Delivery Days: 2-5 days
Applicable Regions: Taiwan Main Island


Shipping Instructions:
After placing an order (excluding the day of order placement), it will be shipped within approximately 2-5 working days, excluding holidays. Delivery hours are Monday to Friday, 10:00 - 17:00. There is no delivery arrangement on weekends and holidays. During festivals or holidays with more orders or due to uncontrollable natural disasters, shipping may be delayed. 


For Home Delivery: Actual delivery will depend on the route arranged by the delivery driver. 


For Convenience Store Pickup: Please pay attention to the arrival SMS and pick up the item within 7 days after arrival. Please do not fail to pick it up without reason. If the delivery fee is lost, it will be borne by the customer.


Shipping Fee Calculation
Orders over NT$3,000 enjoy free shipping. For orders below NT$3,000, a shipping fee of NT$100 will be charged.




我們希望能站在永續浪潮的最前線,在包裝上 Falcosia 使用回收和再利用材料,減少運輸過程中對於環境造成的侵害。


若您對寄送流程有問題的話,煩請聯繫我們,Falcosia 將誠摯為您服務。

We aim to lead the sustainability wave, and in packaging, Falcosia utilizes recycled and reusable materials to reduce environmental impact during transportation.

If you have any questions regarding the shipping process, please feel free to contact us. Falcosia is dedicated to serving you sincerely.